BEULAH offers a full range of business integration services, from finding technology to searching for investors, from planning and management, from conceptual development, and from budgeting through project completion and facility turnover.  All these services that can be customized to meet the specific needs of your project include:


● Project Integration between Technology Provider and Proponent. 
● Project Integration between  Project Proponent and Technology Provider. 
● Project Evaluation and Due Diligence
● Building/Systems Design Coordination utilizing a team of 3rd party professionals 
● Documentation of Project Requirements.
● Concept Study for PreDelopment to assure Investment grade project.
● Preparation for Specifications for all Systems and Materials
● Permitting, Municipality, and Regulatory Agency Interface

● Project Scheduling/Progress Reporting
● Full-time Professional On-site Project Supervision and Coordination
● 3rd Party Market Testing and Quality Assurance
● Change Implementation 
● Preparation of drawings, operation manuals, and warranties
● Integration for 3rd Party for facility turnover



With BEULAH we reduce maintenance and operational cost.  Manufacturers can save money working with us in multiple ways.


BEULAH's work poses unique challenges. Along with applying general principles of environmental friendliness, we think BEULAH creatively and flexibly boosts other measures that promote sustainability throughout the Project

Beulah International Corporation


BEULAH's priority is everything Environmentally friendly. Our focus for 2023 is geared toward Iconic projects which are equipped with green and smart technology. It also increases the value of carbon credit contribution which contributes positively to health, productivity, and healthy enjoyment.


In our particular situation, we organize professionals and Partners offshore and locally.  BEULAH has received Leadership in accreditation and can ensure that certifications are what satisfy other environmental regulations.


BEULAH provides optimum forecasts and industry analysis by securing the market from the cooperatives with sustained payment capabilities and a preapproval from the Banks. Our product portfolio also includes customized and syndicated solutions.

With close cooperation at all levels of the client organization,  BEULAH's tailored approach ensures that the clients achieve an unmatchable competitive advantage, build more efficiently, and secure lasting results. Regardless of the industry requirement and compliance, Beulah serves clients on a wide array of issues. Our offerings fall under the following areas:

1. Market Research
2. Business Strategy
3. Business Intelligence
4. Procurement and Supply Chain Management


We use technology that is more than just the use of environmentally friendly materials. BEULAH understands how all the components and systems which interact with one another, and so we offer powerful solutions for reducing costs through renewable power energies.